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Publix Stores DECAYED Products/"Accidental OVERCHARGES"

I am a careful shopper and was proud to show my northern visitors what produce was available at Publix. However, 1970's are history and so are Publix Produce products. If, CUT FRUIT BOWLS or SALAD, look closely to find DECAY consistently. Fruit and vegetables are constantly bruised, old, nicked or simply rotting in the display (!) while ULTRA PRICES continue to escalate without justification. Let's take out those profit sheets and bonus breakdowns for management for the last five years so we can see why we pay such exorbitant costs. Alleged "system stocking updates" haven't been made to many items which means unless you WATCH CLOSELY, your efforts to by whatever are being charged full prices or not given 2-4-1 pricing. OOOPPS! Just another dependable Publix feature to gouge their customers while middle & upper management AND stockholders pocket your hard-earned money.
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To the person who calls themself: Publix is NOT SO GOOD,

I guess you don't get it. They are not calling all customers ***.

Just you.

And since I had to spell it out for you, then I guess they are right... Sheesh!


Go shopping at Publix and these delightful people that are calling customers idiots and *** are the same that will be there to "help" you. No thank-you!

Your attitudes are terrible. Where "Shopping is a Pleasure".????????


Well I guess you figured us out. Its all a conspiracy against YOU.

We purposely overcharge you. Seriously, you are an ***. Publix associates are HUMAN just like you and from time to time they are going to make mistakes.

But without fail you will be taken care of, without hesitation, if you are not completley satisfied. Maybe they really should pay Publix associates more money simply because they have to deal with ignorant *** customers such as yourself.


I work for Publix, and i spend all day, five days a week listening to spoiled customers whine about silly things, and that doesn't bother me. I've had customers call me every name in the book including an "incompetent *** with an IQ of 2," and I've never had any of this anger me, or even annoy me until now.

In this ludicrous complaint you accused cashiers of purposely overcharging you for items that were on sale, specifically buy one get one free. As an associate who has worked in several different job classes it has been my experience that the customer isn't being overcharged, it is that the customer is simply illiterate and is not capable of reading the sign and picking up the corresponding item. The signs specifically describe the item by brand, type, and even size. They could not be more clear, yet customers ignore them, and then demand the sale price on an item that is not on sale.

If the customer is correct, then they get the item for free as part of the Publix Promise. However the cashier is not responsible in anyway for the item not ringing up properly. The cashiers cannot assign prices to items, they just scan them. Occasionally the sale's price is not entered into the computer.

The person responsible for making sure the computer recognizes sales prices is only human, and can make a mistake every once in a while. Publix has many items on sale every week, to give customers the best value possible, sometimes an item is missed. It happens, build a bridge and get over it. The great thing about Publix is that it's not like CVS or many competitors where you have to have a membership card to even get the sales price.

So now that i feel confident that i have explained your brash misconception, i will now move on to your insulting inquisitions about bonuses and stock holders "pocketing your hard earned money." If you would like to talk about hard earned money, let's discuss the Publix associates who work hard, long 12 hour days and are extremely under paid (if we got paid decently, you would pay a lot more for food). Publix is associate owned, which means it's the hard working people who work there for a long time, and care most about the store who are the stock holders. The harding working associates/stock holders deserve every measly bonus that we receive. You seem to think that we get huge bonuses.

Let me tell you about my Christmas bonus (8 hours of work), it was $40 dollars after taxes. My inventory bonus was $200, and let me tell you i worked for that. Do you know what i had to do to get that $200? In order to qualify for that bonus you have to have been employed by Publix for over a year, and worked 1000 hours in past 12 months, which isn't easy if you are part time.

So I do not appreciate being told by some cheap prude of a shopper, who argues out every dime, that i do not deserve my bonuses. I deserve more than that in bonuses for having to deal with people like you. After typing all this out, i realize that i have to agree with Bob, and pity you. After first being down right pissed off by your ignorant point of view, I now find your small minded stupidity humorous.

Oh and by the way, I may only have a high school diploma, however, my review (unlike yours) is spelt and is grammatically correct. :grin


What I don't understand... not only as a Customer Service Manager that deserves every penny that I earn because I have to do my utmost to ensure that every pain in the *** customer is satisfied....

Is why don't we worry more about what is going on in the world than what is going on inside of Publix. It is amazing on a daily basis the comments and complaints that I hear from customers , mean while there is a WAR going on out there that is killing thousands of human lives, but you go ahead and worry about wheather or not your produce is being frozen or not, or GOD FORBIED I have a front service clerk or cashier that bruised your bananas or smashed your bread, because we will be more than happy to replace that for you... but we cant replace all those humans that are out there fighting for your rights to make my life a living **** on a daily basis!!!

So now tell me that they need to reduce my pay!!! :(


If you are not satisfied why do you continue to shop there :?


If you are not satisfied why do you continue to shop there :?


Rose is correct. I have worked for Publix for eight years and my husband for 12 years, and we both understand the importance of freshness and ensuring that prices are what they should be.

That is why Publix has insilled the PUBLIX PROMISE, in the event that your products do not ring up correctly, you would get that item for free. We don't purposely ring up items to "gouge" your money. When we find the mistake it is to be fixed IMMEDIATELY. Plus I know for a fact that Publix is adament about freshness of products and in the produce dept, produce has a time limit.

We certainly wouldn't sell "bad" items.

What it sounds like to be is you had a bad experience and now just want to talk Publix down. You need to talk to a manager and get it resolved instead of whining about it like a baby.


My husband works at Publix and I know for a fact they have very stringent rules about freshness dates and even throw away all the rotisserie chickens if they are not sold in three hours. Inspectors check regularly so I don't know where you are getting this from.

If you think there is something wrong, you should report it to the store manager.They take complaints very seriously


I sure feel bad for the way you think in life... :cry

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Miami, Florida
I have spoken with numerous employees in the Deli Department which I have visited (sparingly). UNRESPONSIVE MANAGEMENT (Deli Manager AND Store Manger) have "OVERLOOKED" REPEATED REPORTS OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT and Retribution for whistle blowing is POLICY. A...
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You are right, Publix at Miracle Mile is a danger to people in the community. There is blatant discrimination, Russ Reaver the district manager makes a mockery of discrimination complaints, and is one of the worst pin heads you'll ever meet.

This Treasure Coast Plaza store is riddled with incompetence, unsanitary food conditions, and dangerous employees. The store manager there is extremely trashy, yet thinks he something special.

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#110794 Review #110794 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Miami, Florida
I have had employees confide that the produce (which is either rotting or rotten within TWO DAYS) is shipped FROZEN which naturally destroys most nutrition and flavor. Milk goes sour usually a few days Before expiration date due to milk being left out after delivery...
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According to multiple sources including WebMD, freezing vegetables has NO impact on nutrients what so ever. What do you think happens in nature when winter comes?

Do you think potatoes and carrots in the frozen ground suddenly have all the nutrients sucked from them?

This whole frozen vegetable rumor is *** and needs to stop. Frozen vegetables are just fine.

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#110793 Review #110793 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Miami, Florida