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Publix customer for 40 years, several cities. This location at Commercial and University Drive.

Many times customers will abuse the 10 items or less limit with 12 or 15. Okay. It's not right but can live with that. Yesterday a gentleman checked out with a loaded basket of approximately 35 - 40 items.

The cashier said 'nothing'. I expect Publix to tell the rude offender to take their order to another lane. His checkout area is not setup to handle large orders, which it is not. At least a mild reprimand to use one of the other lanes with an order so blatantly exceedingly the limits.

I don't believe silence is a company policy and if it is, the company is dead wrong. It is unfair, abusive, and disrespectful to other Publix customers. I complained to the store manager "Bill", as it may well be his personal rule, and basically received the brushoff. Complain if you want but it will only end up back to me tomorrow.

Well thank you Bill, valuing that 'other' customer over me and the others behind, makes so much sense. Gee, I wonder why Publix is more empty than ever before. It's a pleasure to shop at Publix? If it is not a pleasure, then I may as well shop at Aldi's, Walmart, etc.

where I expect to be mistreated but save money. Hmmm, making a mental note to move my prescriptions and keep my Publix shopping to 5 items or less from now on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Publix Cons: Management poor customer service.

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There are very specific rules for cashiers regarding the 10 items or less line and no it has nothing to do with the number of items. For example: if a customer has about half their cart on the conveyor belt before anything is said, then you need to check out those items.

Doesn't matter how many. Publix corporate does not want to see customers 'inconvenienced' by having to put all their items back in a cart and go to another lane.

It's stupid and frankly at any time a cashier should be able to say "Sorry that is way more than 10 items I can't take you" but Publix would rather inconvenience other customers than lose out on a couple hundred dollar sale. And before you or anyone else says "See, that's why I won't shop at Publix and take my business elsewhere" pretty much every grocery store with an express line treats them all the same.