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I had a very miserable experience at Publix tonight thanks to four associates. My husband and I went into this Publix around 8:00 p.m. on 7 December 2016 with our baby, intending to only be there about 5 minutes to pick up a few things. Our baby started crying as we were leaving. One of the other customers started being rude to us about our baby crying (which of course isn't Publix's fault) and telling us what we needed to do with our child and... Read more

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Second year of total disappointment with Publix turkey dinner. I have been ordering my turkey dinner for the last 27 years. Last year i noticed the turkey is different, it was butter bull pre cooked totally dty and hard to chew, it was a disaster. On Friday following thanksgiving i returned to stare and spoke with the deli manager and expressed my dissatisfaction of the type of turkey i am used to having which was publix brand tied in a heat... Read more

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Next time take a pic of sale sign or tag. That way we can see the price compared to your receipt. Publix expects one person to take down all sale signs and put new ad signs up completely by themselves. It is so easy to miss some signs. You would think other employees would notice as they are stocking and remove them, should be a team effort. Nevertheless, you should happily receive your refund with no questions asked.! At that time someone in... Read more

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I have been employed for 35 years publix. I see the company going in the wrong direction people that are running this company sucks!! Todd Jones ceo and our soon new president Kevin Murphy is an ***!!! Publix stock has gone down three times in a row unacceptable for stockholders!! They don't care about are people we are losing great associates and managers every day and they don't give a ***!! These high-officials need to get in the stores and... Read more

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Called Southgate shopping center publix at Lakeland to see if my prescription was ready. Walked in to pharmacy pick up and one person was at pickup cashier. As I was waiting for this person to get done picking up their prescription I set my keys and money on the counter so I could go into my pocket and get out my change and count out the exact amount of change that that it would cost. I knew the price because I asked on the phone call before... Read more

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Thought I'd try your Publix Supreme Self Rising Crust Pizza. The picture on the box really looked good. Too bad the pizza INSIDE the box didn't look like that. I took a picture for you to see the few pieces of red pepper, but what made me laugh at loud was the TWO pieces of black olives which are the 2 black dots on the left. You're Publix!!! You can do better than this!!! Why make 100 words mandatory?? I made my point with 74. Now I have... Read more

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I needed to fill a Narcotic and being a Certified Pharmacy Tech I understand that a Pharmacist would want to protect their license and verify the prescription but to not fill my prescription because you don't feel comfortable because the medical asst told you that I haven't had Medical Clearance for surgery is ridiculous. First of all why was that a factor, secondly I explaining to you that I was having surgery next month and that my Surgeon... Read more

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They are inconsistent with the rules on the limited in drinks. They let me buys drinks then wanted me to return half on them back. Very unprofessional and they need staff member to guard the soft drinks. I will pay double before going back to deal with *** people .

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according to a letter i received from Publix, my wife and i could stop in at any time the Pharmacy was open, and receive a flu shot. My wife and i are both 87 yrs of age and due to arthritis, it is hard for us to get around. today, 10-14-2016 we were told at the Sun City Center, that they were not giving flu shots. imagine our dissapoinment! We usually do buisiness with Walgreens and this is just one more reason why. Please find out from the... Read more

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I had always been a big coupon and since the bar code scanning apps user. I was leaving the store when 2 store personnel stopped me and indicated I had merchandise I hadn't paid for.I was mortified and insisted they look right there so the obvious attention I was getting could see I hadn't done anything but they insisted I go in office without saying what they thought I took I had to empty every little pocket before disclosing it was a box of... Read more

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