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  • 1 day ago
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Tuesday 5:55 p.m. I went to Publix on the beach shopping center 2900 Peachtree Road I went and asked for a pastrami and roast beef sandwich mix the lady tells me that I cannot order that type of Sandwich how could she possibly say that when I am paying for my sandwich her name was suji ignorant people in this world working for Publix Publix need to step up their customer service when they

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Publix is selling on a mass scale out dated foods! This is playing with the health of our children. When i found food years out dated the mangers not one but many acted like it was no big deal! Wrong big deal i bought 20 ham steaks that were bogo i own a small food service health department stopped by as i had just put the ham in walk in then came health inspector who was going to close my small store because publix sold me 3 week out dated ham!... Read more

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"Publix: Where shopping is a pleasure" should be changed to: "Publix: Where long time customers are treated like thieves." I have been going to Publix at the Hammocks for 28 years on an average of twice a week. In the past months, on three different ocassions, I have been asked for my ID and credit card after I have placed everything back on my pocketbook. It is as though I look suspicious. I have three suggestions for Publix: a) get to... Read more

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I ride a bike as my prmary transportation. Ive had 5 high end bikes stolen while locked and shop during the day. As a deterrent. I understand that as a practical matter parking a bike in a stpre is unacceptable. However given the losses Ive endured and tbe fact it Was 10:41pm and of the 16 or so ilse and only three open I took tbe liberty of parking in a closed isle for a few minutes it took me to grab what i needed. Unfotunatly my security... Read more

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Publix Deception-Dishonesty is not good policy !
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I was shocked when I bought two of the Publix brand yogurt last week. They were on sale and I love blackberries, and the picture got my attention. I said "hmmm, blackberry fruit on the bottom, huh". Checked the ingredients to make sure there were actual blackberries in it, and sure enough, says right there "blackberries, blackberry puree". Got home opened one up, guess what? No blackberries, not even one, or a piece of one, on the bottom, just... Read more

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I been shopping a public for almost 15 year At all public every place I work But I was working at palm beach fl For almos 6 weeks I was getting ice water Lounc etc .but the day 7/29/16 was a Friday and when to publix at this locatioPublix on Palm Beach 135 Bradley Pl Palm Beach, FL 33480-3819 (561) 655-4120 I may line for sanwhis For been so hurry and a lot things on my head I just pass the door and forget pay But the manager stir me so furios... Read more

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we live in palm coast fl. we receive our weekly adds in the newspapers. one the news journal from daytona. and the pennysaver . in both adds several items were listed that seemed like a good deal. When i went to our palm coast store, i found the items were at another price. when i questioned a store representive, he pointed out the adds were for another group of stores. not our store in palm coast. I think this should be corrected or perhaps... Read more

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First I'll start by saying every time I've gone to the Publixat Pardise Place prior to today the customer service is one of a kind. The cashiers know me by first name as do some of the managers. After working 3 doubles and 58 hours at a bar, I woke up this morning to my 2 year old crying for milk only three hours after I got home so as a responsibile mother would do I threw my hair in a messy bun put on some old clothes and drove to publix. I... Read more

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publix is full of ***. they are a cult. they treat there employees like animals. they work the *** out of you. the managers try to make you do there job.the job they get payed to do. i hope the company goes out of busness. & before it goes out of busnness all there employees sue the *** out off them. they emplyees need to get a union. i have never seen anything like it in all my years of working. the store i worked at had people crying all the... Read more

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  • Jul 14
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wanting to complain about publix in key west plaza most of the time I go in there now always leave with not all my purchases they need to train their baggers to do a better job.

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