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  • 369 complaints
  • $2,168 claimed losses
  • $6 average
  • 45770 since Jan 13, 2008

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Main address: ATTN: Consumer Relations 33802-0407 Lakeland FL
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Publix reviews, Publix complaints, read Publix reviews, find Publix reviews, Publix scam reports
  • 369 complaints
  • $2,168 claimed losses
  • $6 average
Had an experience with Publix?
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  • Apr 20
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Store Hours
  • 11
  • 46

Come ON. Publix shouldn't be closed on Thanksgiving, either. After all, it's all about the food on that day. Kroger's open. Always has been. But to shutter the doors on EASTER?? Really? What are you? -- Chick-Fil-A? It is absolutely ridiculous for a MAJOR grocery store chain to be closed on Easter. Pay your employees a nickel extra, but get the doors open. I was absolutely infuriorated.... Read more

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  • Apr 19
  • Customer Service
  • 5
  • 23

Just an fyi to all the wonderful consumers claiming "SCAM! SCAM!" Every week there are price changes. 100+ price changes. Things going up; things going down; things coming off sale. The task of changing these tags, for the most part, fall onto one, maybe two, people. Yes, mistakes happen. But calling them scammers is a joke. If you honestly believe these things happen on purpose and are some evil... Read more

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  • Apr 16
  • Lighthouse Point, Fl
  • Check Out
  • 5
  • 28

Dear PUBLIX, Enough with asking for donations. I am sick of being asked for a dollar every time i go to check out it is really annoying. I don't have money to be donating to charity. How about PUBLIX just donating money from their own profits instead of asking their customer to do it for them. Every year i dread shopping at PUBLIX when they start their donation drive. I am considering just not... Read more

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  • Apr 16
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Management
  • 5
  • 45

I explained that I would need little training to work both produce and floral depts. as I have 12+ years experience in retail grocery in both of these depts. as well as other depts. I did not expect full time at first but I did expect more than $8 an hour. For this money and hours they will get teens that have few responsibilities, wont work nights weekends, will be late and not dependable,... Read more

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  • Apr 14
  • Overland Park, Kansas
  • Custom Care
  • 2
  • 42

Saturday 12th 2014,my husband wanted fried chicken wing so we asked how long for some to cool down so we could by them on foodstamps. They said 25 minutes so we left and came back 3hrs later and they still didn't have them ready. My husband found a manager ro let him know what was going on. The manager fixed the problem. Then monday 14th 2014,we had another problem but with a different person my... Read more

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  • Apr 13
  • Brandon, Florida
  • Managers
  • 3
  • 50

I have lived in the Seffner mango Valrico area of Florida all of my life. I have shopped at sweetbay, Winn-Dixie, Publix, Walmart, and target for groceries. I AM A COUPONER. (You almost have to be in this economy) In particular, I have shopped at the Valrico Florida Publix for 13 years. I share a vehicle with my son right now as he is trying to save money to get a really nice car. Therefore,... Read more

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  • Apr 07
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Banana Pudding
  • 4
  • 28

I bought three banana puddings and they all were old. I bought them on April 5, 2015 and the date was March 6, 2015. I forgot to check the date. I was trying to hurry out the store. But this is not the first time this has happened. Since the managers changed, they act like they don't care. Quality and good customer service is what keeps a company successful. I don't think they should be open... Read more

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  • Apr 03
  • Miami, Florida
  • Wrong Receipt
  • 10
  • 75
Another publix

Hello, I have put many complaints about Publix on this website , and every single complaint has the proof (picture of the receipt is uploaded on every complaint) Here is another one that just happened...I cannot believe how a company like Publix does this constantly. If you do not check the receipt, you might end up losing money. Yesterday they did another "tiny" little mistake, and it was for... Read more

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  • Mar 02
  • Mount Laurel, New Jersey
  • Upper Management
  • 3
  • 67

What can i say? Upper management is never ever happy. The expectations change daily. Some managers deal their associates dirty. This is rampant. All the managers have their picks and if your not in that clique you dont get treated vety well. God forbid you ask for a little assistance from time to time.If your staying late frequently to get your trucks done you dont work efficiently. If you rarely... Read more

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  • Feb 11
  • Brandon, Florida
  • Cat Litter
  • 1
  • 32

The new Publix unscented 25 pound bags of kitty litter now has more gray granules than the white granules [as advertised on the front of the bag]. And it clumps very poorly. The old formula still in a little used litter box in the bedroom is almost snow white while the new litter has an over-all medium to dark gray color. Publix, PLEASE bring back the white granule great clumping formula we've... Read more

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