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Biught this buffalo chicken flat bread on hwy 60 in lakewales,fl. Two small pieces of chicken only green onion and sauce what a rip-OFF... IF THEY SELL IT LIKE THIS AIN'T WORTH six dollars. Read more

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Hello, I was asked to participate in an event on Gulf Blvd St. Pete. All lots were full in area. I went into Publix and bought food for event. Went across the street to drop food off and within 2 hours my car was towed. The sign for towing was not on Publix grounds but road along side of Publix at a bank with a small strip mall. You had turn off of that street to get to Publix and there is no sign posted there. I went into Publix to ask where my car may be and the manager handed me the info where it was as it was a common occurence. He was... Read more

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Driving down County Line Rd Lakeland where their shipping center is in our International and one of their rigs comes screaming across in front of us we had to lock them up and burn our rubber to stop !!!! You hire drivers that don't care about our lives if they want to get themselves killed have at it but don't take our lives SCARED the living *** out of me and my husband wanted to go after the guy . 1000 thumbs down for Publix today ! Read more

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Tries to offer you 1/3 of the value of your home and will not promote you.Even when you deserve a promotion he tries to exploit you. Wants to know family structure, and his meat manager cronies Together they have 2 million dollars, however, if I only made 1million "Gunshot".What a joke the low life managers has made publix to be.Come around me and we both will push daisies up. Publix is a teenagers job, and the managers obviously were left behind in education. One manager had a degree in film " a masters degree" probably never seen a... Read more

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i went to the publix located on alafaya trail and mcculloch rd in oviedo, florida. Ive been going to this publix for 15 years probably. Recently as I was checking out there was a short chubby female with brown hair bagging my groceries. she seemed ok- wasn't rude or anything. When I left the store, I noticed she followed me outside. She was RIGHT behind me and began grabbign a cart behind me. I thought, ok annoying. I went to my car, and shortly after, this *** *** rudely asked me if she could take my cart. I told her I didnt want anyone... Read more

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My girlfriend Megan works at Publix. When she clocked out I met up with her to go grocery shopping at Publix. We browsed for about an hour and a half, and only had one item we could not decide on and that was what size and number of diapers we should grab. We had a coupon 4 diapers up to 180 count and on the bottom row where sizes 2 through 6 100 count. I grabbed the only size 4 left and we got cookie mix and checked out. We wait in a long line and when we finally get to check out, the lady says that not only the coupon will not work, butt the... Read more

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I also more frequently than not get weevils in pasta purchased from publix. It doesn't seem to matter what brand pasta it is. I also inspect all of my dry goods immediately when I get home. I bought 4 boxes of box was full of weevils, the other 3 were free of bugs....that is, until I went to use the other boxes a month later. There must have been eggs in the boxes. I also had an incident where I found glass in one of their deli subs. Took it back to the store and complained. Their resolution was to give me another free sub. ... Read more

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I have shopped at public for a long time, love the store and was thrilled to see one open in North Carolina asheville. The issue is that they are always out of major items. This week, st Patrick's day, no cabbage? We ran out we got shorted, Are you kidding? Every time I buy flour there is only ever 1 bag left e.g. King Arthur flour not on sale btw. Bogo not easily found as we r used too. Need to get it right soon before you lose loyal customers. Read more

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I arrive at Publix to fulfill my prescription. I had just left the hospital and needed my prescription, however I didnot have my insurance card with me. Once I got to the front window, Will (talk African American)took my prescription. I informed him I don't have my insurance card and I politely asked if he could look it up. The first thing he did was, "we don't do that ?" I was persisted to ask when since? He just repeated his statement. I optioned to the call insurance company( keep in mine I have my husband card and we are both on the same... Read more

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Not just amazing, *** amazing! Rather than going out to restaurants that served bland expensive meals, I've been exploring the ready to cook section in the meat department. Every time I try something new that these folks have put in the self serve cooler, I am amazed at the results. Original, fresh, healthy, and reasonably priced. They come with oven cooking instructions, but I've been using my outdoor grill, for tropical salmon, chicken cordon blue, or stuffed chops. I only found the stew needed more work, but that was an indoor cooking item.... Read more

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